FINCrime Sanctions Lists Screening

Financial institutions are facing the complexity of meeting the never ending sanction lists changes and updates. The ever-changing sanction lists landscape with no finite or unified list to follow are forcing financial institutions to ensure their compliance by scanning multiple lists in order to avoid dealing with a blocked entity.

Regulatory requirements force financial insitutions to perform mandatory screening across KYC processes, Payments, Risk Based Scoring, etc. Financial institutions must perfrom continuous KYC verifications against all updates that were performed on sanctions lists in order to insure compliance conformity.

Ensuring that your financial institution has a robust sanctions-screening platform in place is crucial. Access to comprehensive and accurate sanctions risk data is therefore critical. Our industry leading false positive screening algorithm, mutli-lingual features, AI based Natural Language Processing (Named Entity Recognition) utilization, smart whitelists , internal blacklistsand schedule based process automation, dramatically reduce overheads tasks and deployment costs.

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